Meaning of piss in someone's pocket in English:

piss in someone's pocket


vulgar slang Australian, New Zealand
  • Ingratiate oneself with someone.

    • ‘he only saved the company by pissing in his investors' pockets’
    • ‘I said to the shop assistant, "You are just pissing in my pocket."’
    • ‘Pop stars and PMs pissing in each other's pockets is rarely a good combination.’
    • ‘He spends his time pissing in the pocket of the communications industry's answer to Caligula.’
    • ‘Steve went on to piss in the pockets of delegates, telling them what a great thing it was.’
    • ‘I'm brimming with rage and frustration; amongst other things, we have the spectacle of the two most horrible men in the world, pissing in each other's pockets right here in my home town.’