Meaning of piston rod in English:

piston rod

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  • A rod or crankshaft attached to a piston to drive a wheel or to impart motion.

    ‘‘Iry, the damned piston rod seized on the crankshaft,’ she said, her voice rising.’
    • ‘When a cylinder fires, the piston rod is at an angle and can immediately turn the crankshaft via the cam at the end of the pivoting arm.’
    • ‘This overbalance is calculated as a function of the reciprocating mass of the piston, piston rod, cross-head, and front portion of the main rod.’
    • ‘As his target was approached, the left engine conked out again with the piston rod crashing through the block.’
    • ‘Stainless steel piston rods and external hydraulic pipes are fitted for maximum durability.’