Meaning of pit boss in English:

pit boss


informal mainly US
  • An employee in a casino in charge of gaming tables.

    • ‘They include several police detectives, a casino pit boss, a nurse and a former state representative who ran unsuccessfully for a Michigan senate seat.’
    • ‘Odds are you won't hear a pit boss or casino hostess utter those words next time you belly up to the blackjack table.’
    • ‘Just then the pit boss appeared and the dealer, who looked surprised after reading the placard, asked him about this unusual rule.’
    • ‘Hit the tables in the Casino and then ask the pit boss to hook you up.’
    • ‘Still, the pit boss was correct in NOT paying you, as I believe by your letter that you fouled your hand.’
    • ‘Within ten minutes of being in this casino a dealer recognized me and immediately pointed me out to a nearby pit boss.’
    • ‘You need to know where and when you played, your impression of the dealer and pit boss, (were you being watched or possibly cheated?), and most important, your win/loss record.’
    • ‘I went to the most sophisticated game, baccarat, and naively asked the burly pit boss what were the odds of winning at this game.’
    • ‘The pit boss, a man named James, walked in behind Parker.’
    • ‘I play a pit boss in the TV show and I knew nothing about gambling when I started.’
    • ‘They held the proceedings up by asking me questions until the pit boss asked them very politely to ‘please keep quiet, you're disturbing the game’!’
    • ‘‘All it did was increase the average Joe's appetite for gambling,’ says a veteran Vegas Strip pit boss.’
    • ‘First off, he's 54 and built like a Las Vegas pit boss.’
    • ‘To be useful to pit bosses, reservations agents and hotel guest clerks, guest information must be available and accessible in real time.’
    • ‘Surveillance, security, croupiers, inspectors and pit bosses are all on the look-out for regulars who get desperate.’
    • ‘It has so many pockets arrayed in so many places that it appears to have been tailor-made for either shoplifting, concealing electronic card-counting hardware from pit bosses, or possibly smuggling atomic secrets out of Los Alamos.’
    • ‘But don't expect a win from Burton until midsummer - he has led just seven laps all season, and he still needs more time to jell with his pit bosses.’
    • ‘We realized then that our every move would be watched, as the pit bosses waited for any kind of slip-up to nail us.’
    • ‘You could have frozen lava with the glares the pit bosses were shooting him.’
    • ‘The people dealing are being watched by supervisors who are watched by the pit bosses who are watched by security cameras.’