Meaning of pity party in English:

pity party


informal mainly US
  • An instance of indulging in self-pity or eliciting pity from other people.

    • ‘I'm not going to throw a pity party—I don't think many people would show up’
    • ‘Do I have my days when I've thrown a little pity party for myself?’
    • ‘Countless mothers have told me, weighing in on the situation, that their adolescent son or daughter had just ‘thrown a pity party.’’
    • ‘When John Young was downsized from his job last year, he didn't throw a pity party.’
    • ‘I wasn't done throwing my pity party but my mom doesn't have enough sympathy for that.’
    • ‘The Smiths stuff doesn't always stand up, and Morrissey's later solo efforts are… well… an extended pity party.’
    • ‘I've spent 17 years in a little box at the Chicago Sun-Times, where I work, and nobody is having a pity party for me.’
    • ‘After the pity party is over, though, don't dwell on the sadness.’
    • ‘He's certainly funnier than James Woods, but the left still needs some better humor to break out of its little pity party.’
    • ‘Thanks to a link from Glenn Reynolds, among others, I had been deluged with support for my pity party.’
    • ‘Despite your best attempts to put the pity party to rest, that lousy feeling sticks around like a rude guest.’
    • ‘In these films, an aging Waters casts about for his place in cinema, even to the point of throwing himself a bit of a pity party for his castigation.’
    • ‘I guess you won't be crying at my pity party then.’
    • ‘So just quit the pity party and tell me what's so important at your temple!’
    • ‘‘Oh cut out the pity party, Arthur,’ Nimue said.’
    • ‘While you two are having a little pity party, I'll be upstairs getting the popcorn.’
    • ‘Well she's probably mad about telling you and is going to go have a pity party with herself.’
    • ‘The sound of a motor broke through his pity party.’
    • ‘I haven't had a pity party in a couple of months anyway.’
    • ‘We had a pity party last night and he got really drunk.’
    • ‘A congratulation celebration turns into a pity party as Paul's dark mood clouds Jamie's career success.’
    • ‘My mom put a gentle hand on my shoulder, interrupting my pity party.’