Meaning of pizzle rot in English:

pizzle rot


mass nounAustralian, New Zealand
  • A disease of sheep affecting the penis sheath.

    ‘the ram has a rip-roaring case of pizzle rot’
    • ‘The preparation is used to stop pizzle rot.’
    • ‘Pizzle rot has given a little trouble but has been adequately controlled.’
    • ‘These new lambs would be resistant to pizzle rot.’
    • ‘Testosterone also is widely used in Australia to prevent pizzle-rot.’
    • ‘Castration before puberty may predispose the animal to pizzle rot.’
    • ‘The procedure is used in male sheep as a prevention against pizzle rot.’
    • ‘In Australia and New Zealand, ulcerative posthitis is known as pizzle-rot.’
    • ‘Rams should be checked for pizzle rot on the penis sheath.’
    • ‘Have the ram examined and tested for pizzle rot.’
    • ‘A small benign external ulcer could progress to true pizzle rot.’