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place setting


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  • A complete set of crockery and cutlery provided for one person at a meal.

    ‘before each diner is a silver and crystal place setting’
    • ‘She also mentions that when confused by a complicated place setting, one should use the cutlery from the outside and then work in towards the plate.’
    • ‘I daintily set mine on the tray provided, careful not to let it spill onto the puffy place setting.’
    • ‘There will have to be a third place setting at the table in the candlelit restaurant and an extra complimentary pass will be needed at the night club.’
    • ‘Each pattern was comprised of a seven-piece place setting (fish fork, salad fork, dinner fork, fish knife, dinner knife, teaspoon, and tablespoon).’
    • ‘At a posh dinner for his company, Jack stares down at his place setting in panic and terror.’
    • ‘When you were led to your seat, a shiny black book of matches sat at your place setting with your name embossed upon it in silver.’
    • ‘It seems there's been quite a flurry of activity the last few days, with sites all over the place setting up their servers to block out any visitors from IP addresses associated with the RIAA or the MPAA.’
    • ‘Most couples choose to have their names and wedding dates printed on personalized ribbon for favor boxes, although some brides do have the guests names also printed on ribbon - a great idea for a place setting too.’
    • ‘The two agate-handled knives in the place setting shown in Plate XI are from a set of five dating from about 1600 which retain their original stock.’
    • ‘If you are going to photograph the dish in a place setting, then the tablecloth has to be immaculate, the cutlery polished, the glassware spotless and no gravy stains!’
    • ‘Once the third place setting was ready, she brought the dishes of food to the center of the table, took everyone's drinks, and sat down finally.’
    • ‘The magazine will also include tips on how to be creative in arranging a place setting consisting of a tin plate and cup, a plastic spoon, and a paper napkin.’
    • ‘Each place setting at the table had six glasses of Scotch, a questionnaire and a little ‘tasting notes’ card.’
    • ‘It is interesting to note that Sweden is the only country that uses a particular place setting for events that include the royal family.’
    • ‘The place setting also demonstrates other changes that had been made on the rich man's table by the end of the seventeenth century.’
    • ‘It should be attractive since it is part of the place setting.’
    • ‘It wasn't the place setting, which was a model of simplicity: a glass or two, polished to a shine, a knife and a fork each, a flounce of pleated napkin.’
    • ‘She entered the kitchen to find the table set and a small rose placed in a vase at her place setting.’
    • ‘When he arrived at the roast, he discovered each place setting had been provided with a bookmark decorated with those images, one shot from the front, one from the rear.’
    • ‘If you bear in mind that the place setting rules have their own logic, it will be easier to remember them.’