Meaning of plaice in English:


Pronunciation /pleɪs/

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nounplural noun plaice

  • A North Atlantic flatfish which is a commercially important food fish.

    Two species in the family Pleuronectidae: the European Pleuronectes platessa, often found in very shallow water, and the American Hippoglossoides platessoides, found in deeper waters

    ‘As a youngster he fished off the rocks for the usual species of cod, pollack, coley, wrasse, mackerel and dogfish with the odd plaice or eel.’
    • ‘They are the last remnants of a once-proud fishing industry, middle-water North Sea boats that fish for cod, plaice, haddock and lemon sole in an area that stretches down from Norway to the Thames.’
    • ‘Oysters, prawns, eel, trout, plaice, turbot, lobster, salmon and scallops with plenty of golden oldies such as sole veronique, poached and garnished with Muscat grapes.’
    • ‘Cross of York usually sells species such as haddock, cod, plaice, lemon sole and monkfish that are caught off the east coast of Britain, as well as more unusual varieties when available.’
    • ‘For the improvement of stocks like whiting, haddock and plaice it is essential that discarding be reduced.’
    • ‘Such favourites as herring, plaice, cod, Dover sole, haddock, monkfish, snapper, mackerel, sardines, scallops and tuna are all as wild as cheetahs and antelopes.’
    • ‘Not only will the cuts apply to cod but will apply also to associated species such as whiting, haddock, sole, saithe, monk, plaice, prawns, hake and megrim.’
    • ‘The World Wildlife Fund has now warned that haddock, cod, plaice and lemon sole could soon disappear from British waters.’
    • ‘Commercial fishing includes salmon, herring, cod, plaice, crustaceans and mollusks, mackerel, sprat, eel, lobster, shrimp, and prawns.’
    • ‘They are being asked to provide observations on cod, haddock, whiting, saithe, monkfish, prawns and plaice by comparing experiences between January and June this year with the same period last year.’
    • ‘Cod, haddock, salmon, plaice and prawns account for 70 per cent of UK consumption - and they are mostly overfished.’
    • ‘I'm talking flat fish, Lemon sole, Dover sole, plaice, dabs, witch, turbot, halibut, brill and skate.’
    • ‘They seem to have also eaten flounder, whiting, plaice, cod and brown trout too.’
    • ‘The advice given is that there should be zero fishing for cod, whiting, haddock, plaice, sole and prawns in the Irish Sea.’
    • ‘When a customer came in and ordered haddock or plaice he was visibly nicer to them.’
    • ‘Fished in good weather and sea conditions, over eighteen different species were landed from plaice and haddock to cod and whiting.’
    • ‘The Northwest Atlantic's other groundfish include haddock, halibut, pollock, flounder and plaice.’
    • ‘It is a magical place, truly a dream for the roving angler; outsize black bream, sole, conger, plaice, wrasse, undulate rays, tope, pollack and mullet reside within casting distance of the shore.’
    • ‘This follows a high-level scientific report saying fishing for cod, haddock and plaice must be halved or they will disappear.’
    • ‘The fish is apparently a plaice or at least a flatfish of some sort, but, to be perfectly honest, it looks more like a dolphin.’


Middle English from Old French plaiz, from late Latin platessa, from Greek platus ‘broad’.