Significado de plain as day en en inglés

plain as day


  • Very clearly.

    ‘Your contempt for anyone who disagrees with you is plain as day.’
    • ‘Yet many contemporaries worried that lawyers were merely complicating matters that ought to be as plain as day.’
    • ‘This is pure, one-man-band, Presidential propaganda, and we can all see it, as plain as day.’
    • ‘The Moody Blues were an old-school British Invasion-trained band playing only to score chart hits, plain as day, and some might say in a manner much more shameless than some of their less pretentious competitors.’
    • ‘It's plain as day that you two were meant to be together.’
    • ‘What's lacking though, is plain as day: the lyrics here are generally horrendous, but always unintentionally funny.’
    • ‘Maybe not to the other, but I can see it plain as day.’
    • ‘It has been as plain as day for three decades that the day would come when oil supply could no longer increase at the same rate as demand, and all the evidence is that that is starting to happen this year.’
    • ‘It's plain as day that the levelers are a very creative bunch of people that know how to design interesting and tension filled challenges.’
    • ‘A simple assertion, plain as day, coming from someone who ought to know.’