Meaning of plain text in English:

plain text


mass noun
  • Text that is not computationally tagged, specially formatted, or written in code.

    • ‘So to make it easy, just use plain text, write frequently, interlink with each page and develop high quality articles so others are willing to link to you.’
    • ‘Messages are not encrypted; there's a chance sensitive information will be transmitted in plain text over the public Internet.’
    • ‘The first thing it does is to make sure the file has an extension indicating it contains HTML-formatted text or plain text.’
    • ‘Each volume has a brief introduction, plain text on the page, and sketchy notes and glosses at the end.’
    • ‘For storage, we already have a standard database - data should be stored in individual posts on the filesystem, in plain text files.’
    • ‘The article is available by subscription only, so I've put it into a Word and plain text document below.’
    • ‘The article is subscription only so I've uploaded it here as a Word document and here in plain text.’
    • ‘The idea, I think, was to send enough plain text gibberish at the top of the message to delude spam filters into thinking that the message is ordinary personal plain text mail.’
    • ‘As a general rule, to accommodate all of your subscribers and their different email programs, it is probably best to write your ezine in plain text.’
    • ‘Art comes in .tif formats and text in both rich text and plain text formats, compatible with Mac and PC platforms.’
    • ‘It makes me want to archive all my Word documents to plain text, just to be safe.’
    • ‘The text should be as readable as plain text but you should also be able to easily discern linked words.’
    • ‘Except that, if you were to try and print a page, there's no longer any option to print in plain text.’
    • ‘You can save exported messages as Microsoft Outlook files (.msg) or plain text files (.txt).’
    • ‘These are essentially plain text documents - no mark-up - and they are not compressed.’
    • ‘The format specifies plain text files with minimal use of specialized punctuation.’
    • ‘It's why I continue to send my e-mail as plain text, and to strip as much formatting off whatever mail I receive as I can, so that I can read it the way I want to.’
    • ‘Submit your materials as plain text or in rich text format in the body of an e-mail message in addition to your attachment.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, please unsubscribe unless you can send plain text.’
    • ‘Junk messages are now rendered as plain text, preventing HTML information from being viewed inadvertently.’


plain text