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Pronunciation /ˈplanɪŋ/

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mass noun
  • 1The process of making plans for something.

    ‘mass production methods call for detailed planning’
    • ‘the planning stages of the operation’
    • ‘The safety plan is crucial to the whole process of project safety planning and coordination.’
    • ‘Consider whether you need to re-energize your growth strategy planning process with your key managers.’
    • ‘The risk management planning process begins with goal setting and the creation of risk management policy.’
    • ‘Your own continuity planning process should have considered the implications of problems arising with the supplier.’
    • ‘The first two steps of the strategic planning process deal with this question.’
    • ‘That was the assumption from the very beginning, from the conceptual stages to the detailed planning.’
    • ‘The web design and planning process can become incredibly subjective unless you have agreement on the goals ahead of time.’
    • ‘The meetings also involve the contractor in the contingency planning process.’
    • ‘It is also important to incorporate operational risk management into the site planning process.’
    • ‘Production targets were set by five-year plans and economic planning was directed by the politburo.’
    • ‘It turns planning into a learning exercise and places the emphasis on the process of planning rather than the resulting plans.’
    • ‘Instead we should rethink our academic planning and evaluation process.’
    • ‘The campus Career Center should be your first stop and the core of your career planning process.’
    • ‘Over the past year, we've made significant progress in improving our recovery planning process.’
    • ‘The role of promotion planning as an integral part of the marketing and business planning process’
    • ‘In an Air Force logistics environment, the process of demand planning can be applied in many situations.’
    • ‘In tactical planning on strategic and key issues for the country we can rely for a common position on parties from the left to the right.’
    • ‘Understanding the process behind planning and marketing of events will increase your chances of landing a great position.’
    • ‘If you know what you want, the company says, the entire planning and ordering process can take 15 minutes.’
    • ‘The website doesn't actually exist yet, but presumably it's in the advanced stages of planning, and is just a few short weeks away from launch.’
    preparation, preparations, organization, arrangement, forethought, design, designing, drafting, working out, setting up, groundwork
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    1. 1.1The control of urban development by a local government authority, from which a licence must be obtained to build a new property or change an existing one.
      ‘planning applications’
      • ‘The claimant is the local planning authority, having statutory powers of enforcement in connection with Kings Farm.’
      • ‘However, local planning authorities should examine applications for changes to residential use with particular care.’
      • ‘So here, he submits, that it must be for the local planning authority to establish that this was indeed a classified road.’
      • ‘It is right that in almost all cases the initial decision on whether a development should proceed should be taken by the local planning authority.’
      • ‘The courts have examined this principle in relation to the exercise by local planning authorities of their statutory enforcement powers.’
      • ‘He may make an application for the purpose to the local planning authority specifying the land and describing the use or operations in question.’
      • ‘Where they are identified as potential sites, local planning authorities should indicate how these constraints could be resolved.’
      • ‘In planning for housing in their rural areas, local planning authorities should apply the policies in PPG3.’
      • ‘New Government planning guidance advises local authorities to use areas outside a floodplain first.’
      • ‘In America and Britain, local authorities are turning down planning applications for sites from brand chains.’
      • ‘The local planning authority has indicated that it will resist any residential development proposals.’
      • ‘That means that a local planning authority has available to it the evidence of the register as to who is the owner of the land.’
      • ‘These various matters have all to be weighed and that is what a local planning authority or an inspector will do.’
      • ‘I was asked by the local planning authority what my view was and whether it was a project of national importance.’
      • ‘It was a subdivision that was resisted by the local planning authorities and was approved by the Minister under an appeal mechanism.’
      • ‘The local planning authority is looking the gift horse in the mouth.’
      • ‘This will give you an idea as to what kind of look has already been approved by your local planning authority.’
      • ‘He said the disagreement over the land was a matter for the local Oromia planning authority.’
      • ‘Under the present local authority planning policy small rural clubs now have to face the fact that their very existence is under threat.’
      • ‘The planning inspector ruled the plan could go ahead as the site had a history of consent, was on a brownfield site, was in an urban area and was only a single home.’