Meaning of planning blight in English:

planning blight

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mass noun
  • The reduction of economic activity or property values in a particular area resulting from expected or possible future development or restriction of development.

    ‘The Department had failed to offer correct advice on what the council's powers might be regarding a discretion they had to purchase property subject to planning blight.’
    • ‘The spectre of the possible dualling of the A414, with its associated planning blight problems, was raised at Tuesday's meeting of Essex County Council's cabinet.’
    • ‘‘At the moment there is kind of a version of planning blight as we are reluctant to invest significantly if the future of the school is not certain,’ he said.’
    • ‘The Government feared releasing this information could cause planning blight and panic in the areas.’
    • ‘And I believe that, since the society cannot develop on its current site because of planning blight, the move will be made within two to three years, possibly by 2007.’
    • ‘Pickering Town Council has now supported the idea, but Betsy, who is also a member of the County Council, said she was concerned that if the plan ‘goes on in perpetuity’ it would cause planning blight.’
    • ‘Householders and traders fear that a move to relocate a city centre coach park in York will trigger a spiral of decline in a street which has been revived after years of planning blight.’
    • ‘He claimed the whole Castle Precinct ‘breathes the atmosphere of planning blight and indecision’.’
    • ‘The street, hit by planning blight until a project to build an inner ring road was abandoned about 20 years ago, is now enjoying a new lease of life.’
    • ‘Section 149 of the 1990 Act deals with land affected by planning blight and applies Schedule 13.’
    • ‘Much-needed service changes are becoming locked in a combination of planning blight and political dispute.’
    • ‘Those who want to sell their homes will now suffer from planning blight.’
    • ‘In the Bradford Unitary Development Plan, Addingham has been spared the planning blight experienced by other areas of the district, such as Silsden.’
    • ‘One is the Planning and Environment Act with which this case was concerned, and under that Act one has to establish financial loss in order to obtain compensation for planning blight.’
    • ‘Campaigners said the announcement has lifted the planning blight that has affected the area since the proposal was first published several years ago.’
    • ‘Projects have been hampered by site difficulties, escalating costs of inner-city projects and planning permission problems including the planning blight imposed by Coppergate II.’
    • ‘It is a sign that we are getting over the planning blight, but it also indicates that York Pride is creating the kind of culture that will attract top name retailers.’
    • ‘But he said the planning blight on residents of New Road should also be ended by coming to a conclusion about whether the neighbouring Central Car Park would be developed for housing.’
    • ‘This is being done under the guise of preserving greenbelt land, yet it has resulted in a planning blight that is in danger of deadening cities by filling in all the spaces.’
    • ‘The shop has been under a planning blight for the past three years.’