Meaning of plantocracy in English:


Pronunciation /plɑːnˈtɒkrəsi/

nounplural noun plantocracies

  • A population of planters regarded as the dominant class, especially in the West Indies.

    ‘the old, colonial houses built by the plantocracy’
    • ‘A Coromantyn chieftain lead a bloody Easter morning slavery uprising in 1860 across frontier property, against the elite plantocracy.’
    • ‘Perhaps spurred by the era of Republican dominance and a reassertive ruling class, historians have given new attention to the plantocracy.’
    • ‘Sometimes staying at hotels, but just as often the guest of resident expatriates, he mixed in rather refined circles, witnessing the last gasp of the old plantocracy and the colonial system.’
    • ‘The first abolition of slavery and the almost total elimination of the white plantocracy during the French Revolution had far-reaching social and economic consequences.’
    • ‘Its focus on the declining power of the white plantocracy on the island of Dominica between the war years, handled through the prism of an intimate family drama, has great depth while remaining accessible.’
    • ‘The plantocracy, who controlled the judiciary, had since the founding of the colony mandated the cruelest punishments for resistance.’
    • ‘And sometime between 1834 and 1838 several Germans make their way to Jamaica to work to support Jamaica's failing plantocracy.’
    • ‘A quick study of planter rule, he was soon wielding the whip with the best of Jamaica's plantocracy.’