Meaning of plashy in English:




See plash

‘Manga's familiar marks - the ramjet speed lines, the plashy globular peepers, the buckets of gore, - are merely the crumbs of an old and highly developed art form.’
  • ‘The plashy fens of the pathogen are a fertile habitat for flat-footed doom-mongers.’
  • ‘This work (which was used without acknowledgement by A. Wood) is the source of many well-known anecdotes, such as that of Ralegh laying his cloak for the queen in ‘a plashy place’.’
  • ‘On the plashy banks of the Housatonic River in northern Connecticut one morning last week, two fishermen looked up with scowls as a hiker with a rucksack and a brown duffle shaped like an oversized golf bag broke through the woods with a noise loud enough to scare every trout within 50 yd.’