Meaning of plasmic in English:



See plasma

‘A derivative of Japan's long samurai-manga tradition (especially Lone Wolf and Cub), it has the requisite tangled storyline and some thrilling, plasmic exchanges rendered with a prodigious brush.’
  • ‘The crimson puddles stretch into rivers, glisten and clot into islands of plasmic banks.’
  • ‘After fish oil-based lipid infusion, a rapid increase in free plasmic eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid levels was noted, rising to an average of approximately 35 and 65 [mu] M, respectively.’
  • ‘Fibrin cross-linking increases its strength and resistance to plasmic degradation, contributing to the stability of fibrin clots.’
  • ‘This property due to the symmetry of the molecule is exploited to study the diffusion of oxygen in plasmic membrane.’