Meaning of plasteel in English:


Pronunciation /ˈplastiːl/


mass noun
  • (in science fiction) an ultra-strong non-metallic material.

    ‘the plasteel door of the airlock’
    • ‘The buildings grew and coated themselves in plasteel.’
    • ‘The last glass door wasn't really glass, but a blue bullet and shatterproof plasteel.’
    • ‘The police, with their sleek black helmets and plasteel armor had demanded a thousand dollars extra for the marine.’
    • ‘She wore battered and much-mended blast armor, rewelded along old fault lines and coated with a plasteel compound he knew would deflect even the most powerful of blaster bolts.’
    • ‘Fortunately for Mark, he was behind the plasteel windshield on the lift, or he might have been killed.’


1950s blend of plastic and steel.