Meaning of plasterboard in English:



mass noun
  • Board made of plaster set between two sheets of paper, used especially to form or line the inner walls of houses.

    • ‘For additional noise reduction, use 5/8-inch plasterboard on all the walls.’
    • ‘Firstly, if the walls are dry-lined with plasterboard with the joints between the boards taped and the nail holes filled, then you can go ahead and wallpaper.’
    • ‘Traditionally, plaster is a mixture of Portland cement, sand and water that is applied in layers to a base of wood or metal lath or perforated plasterboard.’
    • ‘The outer walls are made of prefabricated wooden elements; the inside walls are of gypsum plasterboard, except for one living unit.’
    • ‘The Defendant is a German company, domiciled in Germany which manufactures and supplies liner paper for gypsum plasterboard.’
    • ‘The only option available to you, therefore, is to have some sheets of insulated plasterboard fitted inside to all of the external walls of your house.’
    • ‘Alternatively, line the walls with additional plasterboard to increase the mass.’
    • ‘New homes are built mainly out of materials such as wood for the frame and floors, plasterboard for the walls, and fabricated metal parts for plumbing fixtures.’
    • ‘Most of these walls were plasterboard, but the box room was solid plaster, good structural walls there, good enough to stop a bullet anyway.’
    • ‘The original pillars are there but the floor is covered in carpet tiles and the walls in plasterboard.’
    • ‘The outer skin of a frame-house has two layers: weather boards or sheet material on the outside and plasterboard or something like it on the inside.’
    • ‘When the charity bought it, the run-down dwelling was being refurbished with modern Spanish patio tiles and plasterboard walls.’
    • ‘The inner paper layer of plasterboard encourages mold growth when inner walls become damp from inadequate venting of moisture or from leaks from walls, roofs, or plumbing.’
    • ‘Its plants in Mugiemoss Road in Aberdeen and in nearby Abertay, which employ more than 400 between them, are largely used to convert recycled newspapers which are used to provide paper coatings for plasterboard and other purposes.’
    • ‘Walls between practice rooms and studios are made of heavy concrete blocks with independent plasterboard inner skins to prevent lateral sound transmission.’
    • ‘If you have plasterboard walls you may be tempted to sound out the studs by tapping along the surface until the tone of the tap changes from hollow to shallow.’
    • ‘Ben came up with the idea after walking past a building site and noticing that workers were struggling to carry a sheet of plasterboard.’
    • ‘There is not a single piece of plasterboard in the building.’
    • ‘You can remove the damaged plaster and use plasterboard as a replacement, adding a skim to finish it.’
    • ‘In the case of a condensation problem, you should have your basement insulated with some dry-lined, insulated plasterboard.’