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plastic bullet


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  • A bullet made of PVC or another plastic material, typically used by security and police forces for riot control.

    ‘Rubber and plastic bullets are used for riot control by security services and police worldwide.’
    • ‘Faced with escalating riots, the police unleashed water cannon, plastic bullets and 12-inch truncheons.’
    • ‘The Association of Chief Police Officers shares his reluctance to use plastic bullets and water cannons—which to date have never been used in mainland Britain.’
    • ‘The film doesn't flinch from showing the brutality of the state towards those who dare to stand up against the big parties and corporate power—the rows of riot police, the plastic bullets, the clubs.’
    • ‘Hundreds of rioters launched a sustained assault along the West Circular Road before a water cannon and plastic bullets were used to disperse the mob.’
    • ‘‘This is what democracy looks like,’ chanted protesters as they confronted armies of police firing tear gas canisters and plastic bullets.’
    • ‘It was a giant machine gun that fired plastic bullets and grenades.’
    • ‘Police responded with water-cannon trucks, tear gas and four-inch plastic bullets.’
    • ‘The country's police have a reputation for toughness and their riot police will be armed with live and plastic bullets and tear gas.’
    • ‘It also said it wanted to see greater attention paid to the need to find a replacement for plastic bullets fired by the security forces.’
    • ‘A new laser being developed is claimed to be more accurate than tear gas or plastic bullets and can be fired from two kilometres away.’
    • ‘The police fired around 150 rubber and plastic bullets and an unspecified number of tear gas canisters, and have continued to maintain a heavy presence.’
    • ‘It was only when the police started firing plastic bullets that loyalists went in search of their own weapons.’
    • ‘On September 14, seven striking shipbuilders were injured in a tear gas and plastic bullet attack by riot police.’
    • ‘All members will carry long batons, but there will only be one or two Remington shotguns using plastic bullets and beanbags.’
    • ‘The British fired plastic bullets and then live ammunition.’
    • ‘Six workers were injured after troops fired plastic bullets and tear gas and then baton-charged the crowd.’
    • ‘I treated so many injuries from people hit by tear gas canisters and also those hit by rubber or plastic bullets.’