Meaning of plastic wood in English:

plastic wood

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mass noun
  • A mouldable material which hardens to resemble wood and is used for filling cracks in wood.

    ‘Because I work with wood for a living I have to say they have done a good job of making real wood look like fake plastic wood by covering it with this durable polyester.’
    • ‘The plastic is sent to Calgary to be made into plastic wood and decking, and the steel is sent to IPSCO to be made into pipe.’
    • ‘Made from 100 percent recycled plastic wood slats, the Trash Pro 10 is rustproof, fade resistant and maintenance free.’
    • ‘Oh, the percussionist also played a whistle (you know, like a ref's whistle) and in the final movement the pianist and flautist played plastic wood blocks.’
    • ‘Except that the big game was actually a small model of a sea serpent made of plastic wood attached to a 14-inch toy submarine!’
    • ‘Bethany laid her head down on top the cool, plastic wood desk, her honey blonde hair falling around her face.’
    • ‘Having a trademark look is not a bad thing, but the plastic wood, which would be fantastically realistic if the grain continued round the edges, just doesn't seem like a feature worth retaining.’