Meaning of plasticky in English:


Pronunciation /ˈplastɪki/


  • Looking or feeling like plastic.

    ‘the tables were covered with plasticky tablecloths’
    • ‘On the UK version they were just selling this plasticky bath mat thing that shoots bubbles at you (very noisily, as the presenter had to shout throughout the presentation).’
    • ‘They've dyed Williams' hair a kind of gingery beige, matching his complexion, his clothes, his fluorescently lit workplace and his plasticky tract apartment.’
    • ‘He waves his arm across his merchandise, The Price is Right style, but accidentally knocks most of the sunglasses onto the floor, where they connect with a plasticky bonk.’
    • ‘The downside is its plasticky interior and firm suspension, which starts to feel a bit brutal on a long trip, but there's no shortage of happy moments to be had while driving it.’
    • ‘It was not very comfortable, either - the way it makes you sit bolt upright feels very German and I thought the gearstick felt cheap and plasticky.’
    • ‘His face actually looks like it's made from something plasticky when you look at him that near, and we can't really see this issue leaping off the shelves.’
    • ‘It certainly looks a lot nicer than the old plasticky M-series devices, but the upgrade isn't just cosmetic.’
    • ‘They have a digital camera and a big screen, so you can see how you look in your glasses without looking through weird plasticky stuff.’
    • ‘For one thing, I like throwing things away, especially old plasticky toys.’
    • ‘The RS109 looks like your typical Casio G-Shock watch - it's black, it's plasticky, it shows the time in big black digital numbers, and it's huge.’
    • ‘It does not exude the tacky, plasticky feel of the compacts and is the sort of camera it would be a joy to roll some film through.’
    • ‘The driveline is hard to beat, but the suspension is sloppy, the interior is plasticky, and the whole thing rattles like only a GM product can.’
    • ‘I was not wholly convinced that the interior had a true sports car feel; I liked the aluminium gearknob, but the rest was too plasticky for my taste.’
    • ‘Just underneath is another layer: a more fluid, plasticky surface, called the aesthenosphere.’
    • ‘The interior materials are a little on the plasticky side - which Citroen might want to have a look at for the next edition.’
    • ‘The front panel, and particularly the rotating connector panel at the top, do have a plasticky feel to them once you get up close.’
    • ‘Compared to some of the new 2.5G phones they look clunky, plasticky and grey.’
    • ‘It does the job though it is a bit on the plasticky side.’
    • ‘While shopping malls aren't known for their creative floral displays, these plants certainly won't look as fake and plasticky in your home as they do in the food court.’
    • ‘I just mailed a paper to a friend of mine in Australia, using one of a new batch of very sturdy and light large white envelopes made out of some plasticky stuff that will never tear.’