Meaning of plat du jour in English:

plat du jour

nounplural noun plats du jour/ˌpla d(j)uː ˈʒʊə/ /pla dy ʒuʀ/

  • A dish specially prepared by a restaurant on a particular day, in addition to the usual menu.

    ‘plat du jour—fresh wild salmon, new potatoes, and peas’
    • ‘There was no menu, just the plat du jour then as much fruit, desert and cheese as you wanted.’
    • ‘Whether the meal is called the daily special or the plat du jour, one thing is consistent: The serving.’
    • ‘He has imported his famous recipe for pork belly and lentils as a plat du jour, only this version is garnished with frizzled leeks and two curled shavings of black truffle.’
    • ‘My first dinner there was on a Monday, and the menu lists suckling pig as a plat du jour, available only on weekends.’
    • ‘Seafood, not surprisingly, is the plat du jour and the fish is always fresh.’
    • ‘You then share a Brazilian plate of red beans, salad and salsa, and the plat du jour- a lamb tajine deliciously spiced.’
    • ‘There was a cookbook lying open on the counter, and a few other bits necessary for the plat du jour.’
    • ‘He explains that they've only got enough légumes to serve as an accompaniment for the plat du jour.’
    • ‘Whether her plats du jour were serious or light she approached them all with equal dedication, scholarship, insight and erudition.’
    • ‘The plat du jour is available from noon until 5.30 pm and costs between £4.95 and £7.95.’
    • ‘I wish every day was Thursday, when the plat du jour is short ribs.’
    • ‘The Thursday plat du jour is suckling pig cooked to crackly perfection, with a smoky hint of apples.’
    • ‘One of the main courses was selected from the list of plats du jour and one from the fish dishes.’
    • ‘On the bistro menu there's a nice Beaufort-cheese-and-bacon tart, six different cuts of steak, and a tasty pig's-trotter plat du jour, deboned and shaped into a tube of the purest, crisp fried fat.’
    • ‘Halibut with beurre blanc, from the list of plats du jour, may sound unadventurous but there was nothing dull about it, especially since a subtle hint of fennel enhanced the dish without ever threatening to overpower it.’
    recipe, item of food, course


plat du jour

/ˌpla d(j)uː ˈʒʊə/ /pla dy ʒuʀ/


French, literally ‘dish of the day’.