Meaning of play along in English:

play along

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phrasal verb

  • 1Pretend to cooperate.

    ‘she had to play along and be polite’
    • ‘his followers were tested on their willingness to play along with his story’
    • ‘I have no desire to play along with Kelly's little machinations.’
    • ‘I figured I could play along with the ‘just friends’ bit, then ply him with alcohol and take advantage of him.’
    • ‘When Sascha first told me he was a neuropsychologist, I thought he was joking, so I decided to play along with it and told him I was a nurse.’
    • ‘At first she started to play along with him to calm him down, suggesting things.’
    • ‘Nicky, of course, was perfectly happy to play along with this.’
    • ‘I didn't want to play along with her stupid mind games anymore.’
    • ‘I'm dying to scream the truth out to everyone from the roof tops, yet I know I'll play along with this ridiculous charade.’
    • ‘He took that opportunity to give Daphne a little wink to let her know that he would play along with whatever she decided to do.’
    • ‘Apparently the Germans played along in order to win time to reinforce their forces in Italy.’
    • ‘He now claims that he knew all the time that it was a sting and was just playing along, giving the reporters what they wanted in order to extract more information about their motives and identities.’
    cooperate, collaborate, play along, play the game, go along with the plan, show willing, be willing, help, lend a hand, assist, be of assistance, contribute, reciprocate, respond
  • 2Perform a piece of music at the same time as it is playing on a recording.

    ‘I could make harmonies by playing along with the tape’
    • ‘we tried to play along to the acoustic guitar’
    • ‘His typical early evening entertainment involves putting on a tape of some unidentifiable rock music and playing along to it.’
    • ‘Since then he has got his own junior drum kit and plays along to records by his favourite bands by ear.’
    • ‘I'm one of those people who learned the guitar playing along to Beatles records and stuff…’
    • ‘He's the I reason picked up a guitar and I learned by playing along to his records.’
    • ‘To learn the drums, he tried playing along to records, a method he admitted hating.’
    • ‘I used to stand in the window at quiet times listening to the records and trying to play along to them on the Moog synthesizer they had in the shop.’
    • ‘An accompanying CD provides the opportunity for students to play along.’
    • ‘I'm not one for attacking musicians for playing along to backing tracks.’
    • ‘When the band got serious, he decided to learn the bass his grandfather had bought him for Christmas, playing along to songs by Blur and the Jackson 5.’
    • ‘The guy living above just put on a Bjork record, which sounded nice up until he whipped out his saxophone and started playing along, totally out of key.’
  • 3play someone along, play along someoneBritish informal Deceive or mislead someone over a period of time.

    • ‘he'd play her along till she got fed up’
    • ‘Jackie Lye as Gill the good time girl playing Mark along is certainly lust on legs and captures this temptress perfectly.’
    • ‘Rather than telling the ‘buyer’ to take a running jump, Jeff decided to play him along while at the same time complaining about his actions to eBay.’
    • ‘I had no idea what I was doing, just that I had to play him along and find us a way out of this.’