Meaning of play dirty in English:

play dirty


  • Act in a dishonest or unfair way.

    • ‘Of course, even when somebody plays dirty, losing is losing and it's not long before nobody cares about the details.’
    • ‘Tesco plays dirty, it seems, when it comes to moving in on a new location.’
    • ‘During the next election campaign don't be surprised when Labour plays dirty.’
    • ‘‘Now, despite all the hopes for military reform, things have returned to square one with the TNI playing dirty, vulgar games and ignoring the political aspirations of the civilian population,’ he said.’
    • ‘‘I play the game hard but there is no way I would devalue the honour of playing for my country by playing dirty,’ Harrison said.’
    • ‘You can, without even resorting to playing dirty.’
    • ‘He's been giving out specifics, but your folks have been playing dirty.’
    • ‘The bad news is that they are doing what they always do: playing dirty.’
    • ‘They could play big; they could not play at all; and they may turn up to find their opponents playing dirty.’
    • ‘Gene Hackman stars as the infamous Rankin Fitch, a jury selection specialist not afraid to play dirty if it gets the results his clients pay him big bucks for.’