Meaning of play down in English:

play down

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phrasal verb

  • play something down, play down somethingRepresent something as being less important than it in fact is.

    ‘he tried to play down the seriousness of his illness’
    • ‘But the risk is played down by the government body meant to ensure that our food is safe, the Food Standards Agency.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, this whole episode was played down by the press.’
    • ‘Sharon plays it down, insisting it'll be a small affair.’
    • ‘As much as she plays it down, not wishing to ‘romanticise’ it, her home life must have been a rich source of inspiration.’
    • ‘We are definitely playing this win down - it's easy for the supporters to get carried away but we have to take certain things into account.’
    • ‘However, the Scottish Executive were playing the possibility down.’
    • ‘Within the corridors of parliament last week, many opposition MSPs had begun playing the affair down.’
    • ‘We are in a substantial and serious crisis and both the government and the media are playing it down.’
    • ‘If Torrance made any significant contribution to his son's tactical thinking he is playing it down.’
    • ‘But Det Supt Higgins yesterday played his role down, saying he could never have done it without the extraordinary dedication of a team of officers.’
    make light of, make little of, make nothing of, set little store by, set no store by, gloss over, de-emphasize, underemphasize, downplay, understate, underplay, minimize, shrug off