Meaning of play God in English:

play God


  • Behave as if all-powerful.

    ‘the fear about scientists playing God and creating children’
    • ‘It may be tempting to respond to scaremongering stories, about scientists playing God and creating Frankenstein's monster and so on, by hyping the possibilities of science and making promises of miracle cures.’
    • ‘Then the debate over cloning will be well and truly on, so prepare to hear an endless stream of anguished cries that we are on a slippery slope and politicians have joined the scientists in playing God.’
    • ‘But such now is the power and pre-eminence of science in the culture of the West, that the temptation for the scientist to play God is greater than ever.’
    • ‘In an era where it is increasingly possible for doctors and scientists to play God, remaining in control of one's own fate has become a pressing issue.’
    • ‘Anyone hoping for an intelligent exploration of the rights and wrongs of scientists who play God will only be disappointed.’
    • ‘While fundamentalists waste time arguing that we were hand-made by God, scientists and entrepreneurs are playing God by isolating and marketing the very substances of life.’
    • ‘The idea of scientists playing God may also be linked with the fear of social engineering.’
    • ‘I guess they have a thing against scientists playing God.’
    • ‘Some maintain that scientists in the industry are playing God, and the only one to play God should be the Big Man himself.’
    • ‘We would have to be as gods, and what right do we have to play God?’