Meaning of play hard to get in English:

play hard to get


  • Deliberately adopt an aloof or uninterested attitude, typically in order to make oneself more attractive or interesting.

    • ‘They are playing hard to get with the media, and are keeping us all interested.’
    • ‘Sometimes when dates played hard to get, it made the chase more interesting and the inevitable surrender more satisfying.’
    • ‘‘He tried to talk to me for a while after we met, but I was playing hard to get,’ she said with a slight smile.’
    • ‘In this love affair, like many others, playing hard to get can only make for a better relationship.’
    • ‘After months of being cautious and playing hard to get, I'm going to bravely risk rejection this time.’
    • ‘What could be more perverse than playing hard to get when looking for the one we can really open up to?’
    • ‘While I know logically that it's safest to play hard to get, to keep my heart locked away so that no one can hurt me, that's just not who I am.’
    • ‘Girls should have the confidence to play hard to get, to wait until they find a mate who matches their demands rather than giving in so easily.’
    • ‘I bet you're one of those girls who plays hard to get.’