Meaning of play hell in English:

play hell


(also play merry hell)
  • 1British informal Create havoc.

    • ‘the kids play merry hell until she tells them to go to bed at once’
    • ‘Trouble was, it never got done, until the doctor himself arrived and played merry hell because I hadn't been given anything to eat or drink for almost 2 days.’
    • ‘Also, there was one weapon the enemy surprised us with in this campaign, and they played hell with us.’
    • ‘We caught up with her as she was driving home from a three hour trip along a mountainous Oregon highway that played hell with the cell-phone connection.’
    • ‘The news played hell with the parents of the children, who were on the verge on going hysterical.’
    • ‘This played hell with us in the classroom the next day as we would lose lots of sleep.’
    • ‘On a beautiful, cloudless day it was utterly icy cold and there was a ‘lazy wind’ (it cuts straight through you rather than bothering to go round) that was playing hell with my attempts at backhand passes.’
    • ‘Constant honking was heard throughout the day playing hell with a peaceful residential locality.’
    • ‘When you can't eat, or get sick from antibiotics, which play hell with your stomach, when you can finally eat, Burger King seems very appealing.’
    • ‘He wanted her gone because she was playing hell with his senses.’
    • ‘We found the leftmost track the easiest, but we're still talking tricky and they'll play hell with your pedalling rhythm, as the lane you're in ends with frustrating regularity and everyone else's lane looks a much better bet…’
    • ‘Eventually I have always lost money, because these places sell drinks and that plays hell on my concentration.’
    • ‘You'll do anything to be near them, accepting pot after pot of coffee, even though it'll play hell with your plumbing.’
    • ‘The Sri Lankan cricketers are a worried lot, since their contracts have not been renewed yet with the officials playing merry hell according to information received by Rover.’
    • ‘Whatever force was playing merry hell with her life, she had the strong feeling that it wasn't through with them yet.’
    • ‘This fun series plays merry hell with biographical facts.’
    • ‘But I would have played hell if it hadn't been offered.’
    • ‘The huge chunk of ice has played merry hell with the normal ocean currents, stopping much of the sea ice from breaking up during the Antarctic summer.’
    • ‘My informant excused himself shortly afterwards, on the grounds that his associate would play merry hell if he was late for lunch.’
    1. 1.1Cause damage.
      ‘the rough road played hell with the tyres’
      • ‘Of course, sand does play hell on your kit, but I don't really think that's the point the LA Times was trying to get across.’
      • ‘It plays hell with your social life.’
      • ‘Sometimes I think these people would be annoyed if Jesus did return, because it would play hell with their fundraising.’
      • ‘It plays hell with contact lenses and the officers' laptop computers, and clogs up weapons, which have to be cleaned daily.’