Meaning of play oneself in in English:

play oneself in


  • Become accustomed to the circumstances and conditions of a game or activity.

    ‘once he had played himself in he was an excellent stroke-maker’
    • ‘It's good for people who want to watch a game after work, but I think the art of batting is to work out the pitch and play yourself in.’
    • ‘In the circumstances, Jayawardene and Nawaz were forced to play themselves in cautiously, with the inevitable result of a drop in the scoring rate.’
    • ‘Scott, the young amateur, played himself in steadily before opening out with a string of sparkling strokes.’
    • ‘The Scotland duo have already displayed the shrewdness of Greenock's recruitment policy with a string of impressive performances and both men once again looked in the mood as they played themselves in against the visiting attack.’
    • ‘Lambert played himself in, then delivered his six.’
    • ‘Having played himself in, however, he began to turn what had been a one - sided game into a real contest.’
    • ‘Look to play yourself in - that's what I constantly keep telling myself these days.’
    • ‘We try to stick with people to give them a chance to play themselves in but if someone is not producing what we need we will have to make changes.’
    • ‘Instead of allowing Hamilton the time to play himself in, he was discarded immediately in the aftermath of the Wanderers debacle, notwithstanding overwhelming evidence that his team-mates had also let themselves down.’
    • ‘From the start Stoehr looked nervous and rather than play herself in with some long length rallies, she was shooting from the beginning with the usual results.’
    adapt, adjust, accommodate, familiarize, acclimatize, accustom, attune, habituate, condition, find one's feet