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play out

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phrasal verb

  • 1Develop in a particular way.

    ‘the position of the sub-tropical jet stream across North America will determine how winter plays out’
    • ‘We've had decades to watch the digital revolution play out.’
    • ‘Thankfully, all the character machinations (no pun intended) play out well.’
    • ‘Allen said the current code could allow an institution to recuperate some losses in revenue for whatever plays out.’
    • ‘Negotiations are ongoing, we'll have to see how they play out.’
    • ‘I think obviously the senatorial process has got to play out.’
    • ‘The legal wrangle is yet to play out in the courts.’
    • ‘The following exchanges with both teams seemingly quiet happy to play out the remainder of the game for a share of the points.’
    • ‘A similar scenario had previously been played out for the antioxidant vitamin carotene.’
    • ‘Fans are actually helping decide how one of the storylines is going to play out.’
    • ‘It's not yet clear how his fate will play out.’
    turn out, work out, conclude, end, end up, result, come out, fall out, develop, evolve
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  • 2Happen; take place.

    ‘this scenario plays out all across the country’
    • ‘I was really struck by the way the climatic gunfight played out in the movie.’
    • ‘They do however impart an added level of mayhem you can inflict on the Federation, all of which plays out nicely on screen.’
    • ‘The second race of the day was played out in very different conditions to the first.’
    • ‘Wild Life plays out like a memory, in short pieces linked by a peculiar dream-like logic.’
    • ‘We're going to look at how it will play out today in Virginia.’
    • ‘You're going to be surprised to find out where it's playing out.’
    • ‘Are we too far gone to make a difference in the way the rest of this election plays out on the streets.’
    • ‘I think that's sort of what we're hearing playing out behind us right now.’
    • ‘Exactly the same phenomenon has played out over a longer period in agriculture.’
    • ‘The joke plays out the full ramifications of the power of the male gaze in objectifying women.’
    happen, occur, take place, come about, come to pass, crop up, turn up, arise, chance, ensue, befall, be realized, take shape, transpire
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  • 3play something out, play out somethingAct out a scene or role.

    ‘they were playing out a familiar scenario’
    • ‘Such scenes are played out across the whole of Britain with a fair degree of regularity, though they remain relatively rare north of the border.’
    • ‘The little church has seen hundred of years pass by and lives long forgotten have played their dramas out around it.’
    • ‘It is just that, here, all life's dramas are played out in front of the most spectacular backdrop you could hope to find.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, due to his fame, the whole scenario was played out in the papers.’
    • ‘It goes without saying that one sees the full range of human emotion - great life and death dramas are played out before one's eyes.’
    • ‘On 21st November, 1953, the final scene in the saga was played out.’
    • ‘Supplemented with archive material that showed how the drama was played out on local TV, it makes compelling viewing.’
    • ‘Similar scenes have been played out thousands and thousands of times around the country.’
    • ‘Is landscape just merely the indifferent background scene on which our lives are played out or it is integral to who we are and how we feel?’
    • ‘It does, however, offer a far closer insight into the reality of justice, as it is played out every day in our courts, than anything most ordinary people will ever see.’
    • ‘The saga was played out all this week in the Spanish newspapers.’
    portray, represent, depict, characterize, describe, present
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  • 4be played outBe drained of strength or life.

    ‘she was played out, too exhausted even to weep’
    • ‘There was a sense that I was played out, I was finished.’
    • ‘There was nowhere else I could go. I was played out.’
    • ‘By this time I was played out and so were Beck and Nora.’
    1. 4.1Be no longer interesting through having been used or seen too many times before.
      • ‘the melodrama is a little played out to be entirely satisfying’
      stale, hackneyed, well worn, clichéd, stock, trite, banal, worn out, time-worn, threadbare, hoary, tired, overused, obsolete, antiquated, finished, old
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