Significado de play with fire en en inglés

play with fire


  • Take foolish risks.

    ‘an urge to play with fire made her provoke him’
    • ‘We're playing with fire when we make huge changes to a complex system that we don't understand, as we seem to be doing with the various substances we're pumping into our atmosphere.’
    • ‘Now when it comes to technological advances I have no problem, however when it involves messing with a biological system such as our bodies I believe we are playing with fire.’
    • ‘Roeder's attempt to ignite his team's season with a player who has courted controversy at almost every turn was described by critics as playing with fire.’
    • ‘By toying with this crisis the politicians are playing with fire.’
    • ‘We are playing with fire if we allow such technologies and products, without knowing how to deal with the consequences.’
    • ‘Going out with a stepbrother is not illegal, but you're playing with fire here.’
    • ‘Pretending under age sex does not happen or imposing out-of-touch morals on those who are sexually active is playing with fire.’
    • ‘If that is the First Minister's game he may be playing with fire.’
    • ‘Adapting Schiller was playing with fire, and getting an opera based on his work on stage could be risky, in Italy above all.’
    • ‘United manager Ian McCall might be considered to be playing with fire.’
    run a risk, live dangerously, play with fire, sail close to the wind, risk it