Meaning of playback singer in English:

playback singer


  • (especially in Indian cinema) a singer who records songs to be mimed in films by actors.

    ‘While the onscreen star may be cast according to principles like those of Soviet or Hollywood cinema, the playback singer, cast as only a voice, and equal to or greater in stardom than the onscreen actor, challenges the primacy of the face.’
    • ‘His discussion of elements of dialogue and music attends carefully to nuances of the relations between sound and image, and culturally specific Bombay Cinema conventions such as the playback singer.’
    • ‘Having being gifted with a golden voice, he had even donned the role of a playback singer in many films.’
    • ‘These men, women and children entertained a 1000-strong audience with dances based on songs by the legendary playback singer.’
    • ‘Why would engineering students want to invite a playback singer from the world of cinema, as a special guest for the cultural festival?’
    • ‘Beginning as a child playback singer, she was soon lured into films, achieving stardom with the 1946 blockbuster ‘Anmol Ghadi’.’
    • ‘On several occasions, she has been quite amused by the way in which ordinary people recognise her more as a playback singer than as a classical singer who is a familiar face among music lovers.’
    • ‘M. G. Sreekumar, the playback singer who's rendered over 3000 songs in Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu, says it's his wife who provides him the support he needs.’
    • ‘Chithra believes that as a playback singer one should put 100 per cent into a song, nothing less.’
    • ‘A new category of film artiste, playback singer, arrived on the scene.’
    • ‘This year, the noted playback singer, P. Leela, has been selected for the award in recognition of her role in promoting Sri Krishna awareness through the numerous songs that she sang about the Lord in different languages.’
    • ‘The Nani auditorium at the Mani Higher Secondary School was packed when the Rotary Club of Coimbatore West conferred the ‘Vocational Excellence Award’ on the noted playback singer.’
    • ‘The noted playback singer stands out in the musical programme featuring the prominent singers and their evergreen hits.’
    • ‘Like so many Brazil-manaics out here, the popular playback singer too felt that in spite of a line-up featuring stars such as Ronaldo and Rivaldo, it was Ronaldinho's creative play that lit up the game on the day.’
    • ‘Therefore it should not come as a surprise that an electrical engineer by profession, who has spent a good deal of time abroad, declares that his first love is music, and goes on to make a name for himself as a playback singer with promise.’
    • ‘Renowned playback singer S Janaki, made a graceful appearance on stage, and recollected with emotion how she had seen Deepa growing as an artiste over the past 20 years.’
    • ‘The eminent playback singer, Jayachandran, would offer a rich treat to music-lovers in the city at the University Senate Hall on Sunday evening.’
    • ‘There are many who cherish fond memories about the playback singer, K. P. Brahmanandan, and the noted music director, Johnson, is one among them.’
    • ‘It was a rare chance to hear the ever-popular playback singer Asha Bhonsle in concert and sharing the stage for the first time ever with tabla maestro Zakir Hussain.’
    • ‘But the 20-year-old must have hardly expected that his dream of becoming a playback singer would come true so soon.’