Meaning of playtime in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpleɪtʌɪm/

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  • A period in the school day when children are allowed to go outside and play.

    ‘they chant their tables before playtime’
    • ‘The Government is saying they want children to be healthy but our children cannot go out at playtimes.’
    • ‘Pupils at a junior and infants school are wearing hats at playtimes in a bid to protect themselves from the sun's ultra-violet rays, which can cause skin cancer.’
    • ‘Pupils at a Darwen primary school told Ofsted inspectors there was only one thing that their school could do better - have longer playtimes.’
    • ‘Zouch Primary School's project aims to improve the experience of playtimes for pupils at the school, developing an ethos of mutual respect.’
    • ‘The school is twinned with a school in Saint Omer and a visit is made each year by year seven, who spend a day having lessons and playtimes alongside the French pupils.’
    • ‘Karol Sr was a self-disciplined martinet and a control freak who mapped out his sons' schedules, even their playtimes.’
    • ‘After playtime, if we went into the classroom rubbing our head or elbows, as we often did, the teacher would ask, ‘what is wrong with you boy?’’
    • ‘With both a Playstation 2 and a Gamecube in the house, TV games are as much a part of his everyday playtime as his toy trains, cars, and books.’
    • ‘When it's a sunny playtime at school we go to the park.’
    • ‘Assemblies, playtimes, registration and lunchtimes, although not included as part of the teaching time each week, are often used by schools to enhance the curriculum.’
    • ‘I think, in a way, Jas enjoyed his time at that school, certainly the playtimes.’
    • ‘Schools remain on ‘lockdown’, with pupils banned from going outside during playtime or PE lessons, and many cafes and restaurants have removed all outdoor seating.’
    • ‘At work, during an extended playtime, Jamie suggested Peter Pan and the children happily agreed.’
    • ‘At playtime and lunchtime I always wanted to keep on working on my music.’
    • ‘The implication is that, in her experience, shorter playtimes and shorter lessons mean more attentive children and focused learning.’
    • ‘The guidelines suggest extra time to eat lunch so there is now an eating time as well as a playtime, and encouraging older children to help younger children manage their lunch.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, no-one discovered my talents and I didn't really enjoy drama, so beside the odd playtime performance they didn't go any further.’
    • ‘We are depriving the children of their playtime.’
    • ‘Let him spend some time in the house interacting with the family, and allow him plenty of playtime, chew bones, and designate a spot in the house where he can relax in ease.’
    • ‘FUN certainly seems to be top of the agenda for the youngsters from Rathoe as their playtime continues to benefit from the goodwill of the community.’