Meaning of plaza in English:


Pronunciation /ˈplɑːzə/

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mainly North American
  • 1A public square, marketplace, or similar open space in a built-up area.

    ‘the plaza is lively in the evenings when the pavement cafes are full’
    • ‘The Learning Corridor includes five separate buildings, large public plazas and green spaces, and a parking garage.’
    • ‘We have some lovely plazas, squares, public markets, and parks.’
    • ‘A plaza joins a public esplanade which is planned to eventually connect all of Tacoma's waterfront.’
    • ‘Village, town, and city streets, plazas, and open spaces are common property and subject to regulation by civic authority.’
    • ‘It is therefore reasonable that Jesus' strategy combined activities in plazas or open areas with those in houses.’
    • ‘Many new schools are incorporating secure outdoor play areas, courtyards and plazas, enabling students to go outside to eat, socialize and study in an easily supervised setting.’
    • ‘The westernmost of these smaller spaces is a transport plaza, the central space is a civic plaza and the eastern space, towards the historic residential zone, is a neighbourhood park.’
    • ‘Next morning, on arriving at the corner of Church and Vesey Streets, I saw three pieces of equipment removing the sidewalk from the plaza area near the staircase.’
    • ‘The rest of the site is taken up by an administrative building for the symphony and a public plaza, covered with local dark-gray stone, with parking below.’
    • ‘Parked cars and billboards have further eroded the plaza's space.’
    • ‘The new rules cover exterior lighting for parking areas, walkways, plazas, building entries, canopies, façade lighting and outdoor sales areas.’
    • ‘The ordinance also granted property owners an increase in the total floor area otherwise allowed in exchange for providing public plazas or arcades.’
    • ‘The demolition is paving the way for what developers call an ‘urban village’ of office, retail, and residential space along with park and plaza areas for the public.’
    • ‘On the building's south side he crafted cascading, landscaped plazas and gathering spaces of different shapes and sizes that should encourage full use.’
    • ‘This is hardly a new idea; plazas have always been public stages.’
    • ‘Small groups of flexible work areas surround the plaza.’
    • ‘The recent external works have upgraded Bowen Street from a service street into a public plaza.’
    • ‘Spend a couple of days soaking up its 15th and 18th century buildings, modern skyscrapers and its pretty squares, parks and plazas.’
    • ‘Development of an urban center and plaza - a public open space with an academic building and retail stores - required 10 different funding sources.’
    marketplace, close, quadrangle, quad, courtyard
  • 2A shopping centre.

    ‘they bought fancy bridal wear at the plaza’
    • ‘At malls and huge shopping plazas, you get pushed and jostled.’
    • ‘It's more of a small indoor shopping plaza with retail stores and the like.’
    • ‘I finally caught up with him inside a store in one of the shopping plazas.’
    • ‘Remake them as outdoor shopping plazas, reminiscent of the town centers they replaced.’
    • ‘A mall, of course, is not that far removed from a shopping plaza.’
    • ‘Just right for walking back to my car way down the road in the shopping plaza where we left it.’
    • ‘In a bid to make the most of the evening I stormed the shopping plaza right across the hotel.’
    • ‘Customers vouch for the convenience of shopping in a plaza without the hassle of elbowing through a crowded market.’
    • ‘Sometimes it takes a new store or shopping plaza to wake a small business owner.’
    • ‘In designing our modern conveniences - groceries, retail, strip plazas, motels, banks - traffic planners assume that people will not walk more than 300 ft.’
    • ‘People are waiting in long lines even at shopping plazas since news of a shortage of vaccine surfaced last month.’
    • ‘Grant plays the affable front man for his family, who build condos and shopping plazas for a ridiculous profit.’
    • ‘Housed in upmarket shopping plazas, a string of outlets has come up at several locations.’
    • ‘Paddy fields and orchards have given way to shopping plazas and industrial buildings.’
    • ‘Shopping plazas have sprung up in every imaginable location of this sleepy town.’
    • ‘He expects to develop the retail plaza but most likely would sell the hotel and apartment property to developers.’
    • ‘I am now going to tell you a story from a popular shopping plaza in South Pattaya.’
    • ‘Built just eight years ago, its bright blue, green, and white facade still glows from a hillside overlooking a bustling shopping plaza.’
    • ‘That building burned down, and now there's a rather awful-looking shopping plaza in its place.’
    • ‘The speaker system played an unobtrusive drumming music that was perfectly suited for the food and a nice change from the normal quiet interspersed with chatter that occurs in most of the plaza restaurants.’
    shopping centre, shopping precinct, shopping complex


Late 17th century from Spanish, literally ‘place’.