Meaning of plexus in English:


Pronunciation /ˈplɛksəs/

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nounplural noun plexus, plural noun plexuses

  • 1Anatomy
    A network of nerves or vessels in the body.

    ‘Around the abdominal aorta, the aortic plexus of nerves can be identified.’
    • ‘The doubled veins may unite in front and behind the artery to form a plexus around that vessel.’
    • ‘This nerve is considered by some authors as the most variable nerve of the lumbar plexus.’
    • ‘The myenteric plexus of these appendix specimens had even thicker nerve bundles connecting an increased number of ganglion cells.’
    • ‘The femoral, lateral cutaneous, and obturator nerves exit from the lumbar plexus.’
    web, criss-cross, grid, lattice, net, matrix, mesh, webbing, tracery, trellis
    1. 1.1An intricate network.
      • ‘the plexus of international relations’


Mid 17th century from Latin, literally ‘plaited formation’, past participle of plectere ‘to plait’.