Meaning of plot twist in English:

plot twist

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  • An unexpected development in a book, film, television programme, etc.

    ‘I won't give the big plot twist away’
    • ‘Wayland then manages to turn the tables on them in a rather surprising string of plot twists.’
    • ‘I was once graded down on a high school creative writing assignment for utilizing the same lame plot twist.’
    • ‘The rest of the movie is concerned with what passes for plot twists.’
    • ‘Instead, he spools out an obvious, by-the-numbers plot, with an ending bereft of any impact thanks to a too-convenient plot twist.’
    • ‘This is not a film for cynics or suspicious types who expect plot twists to pop out at them.’
    • ‘Those unfamiliar with the saga are bound to be mystified by the more arcane plot twists.’
    • ‘At this point, the film begins to play its highest cards, with a breathtaking new plot twist about every three minutes.’
    • ‘Anyway, the mystery of James' eccentric behavior is eventually revealed in a plot twist that was blindingly obvious half an hour earlier.’
    • ‘Note: This review gives away the plot twist at the end of the first act.’
    • ‘The film's portrayal of a powerless woman dragged along by the tide of events doesn't lend itself to edge of the seat plot twists.’
    • ‘The psychological theme is left unexplored - abandoned in favor of the old double and triple-cross, the dry satisfaction of the plot twist.’
    • ‘Ultimately, the film is funny, biting and has some neat plot twists.’
    • ‘The acting is generally strong and the plot twists clever.’
    • ‘Plus, the film offers a surprise or two, although the plot twists are gradually revealed rather than sprung upon us.’
    • ‘But nothing is what it seems and plot twists keep you guessing throughout the series.’
    • ‘The themes and plot twists will surprise no one well versed in the samurai genre.’
    • ‘The fact that eternal life ends up being spookier than death gives the story a unique philosophical dimension, helping to ground the more overwrought plot twists.’
    • ‘Well, to anyone who didn't see that plot twist coming creakily down the pike, I very much envy your ability to be continually surprised at the movies.’
    • ‘Yeah, who didn't see that plot twist coming?’
    • ‘The big problem is, the script (by a bunch of folks) is knuckleheaded, employing a plot twist that defies all reason for the sake of mere surprise.’