Meaning of plug the gap in English:

plug the gap


(also plug the gaps)
  • Provide something that is lacking in a particular situation.

    ‘the government is to borrow £29 billion to plug the gap in public spending’
    • ‘The Treasury is understood to have allocated an extra 60 million to DCMS to help plug the gap.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Lee rushed up reserves to plug the gap.’
    • ‘Britain's banks are in no position to plug the gap.’
    • ‘Thus far, the United States has had no problem attracting money from abroad to plug the gaps.’
    • ‘The problem then is finding someone to plug the gap.’
    • ‘Any chance of a fightback was quickly quashed by Keighley's defence who plugged the gaps.’
    • ‘Xuan even contemplated trying to find workers outside China to plug the gap.’
    • ‘The council is currently recruiting up to 20 front-line staff from Canada to help plug the gaps.’
    • ‘New staff recruited from Britain could also be offered £2,000 "golden hellos" under a package of measures to plug the gaps.’
    • ‘They say they are already considering raiding the savings of cash rich schools to plug the gap.’