Meaning of plutonic in English:


Pronunciation /pluːˈtɒnɪk/


  • 1Geology
    Relating to or denoting igneous rock formed by solidification at considerable depth beneath the earth's surface.

    ‘The Median Tectonic Zone, which separates the Western and Eastern Provinces, is a narrow belt of Late Palaeozoic and Mesozoic plutonic rocks with minor volcanic and metasedimentary units.’
    • ‘However, Lower Cretaceous plutonic rocks have not been found in outcrop.’
    • ‘The magmatic fabric of a plutonic rock forms during a relatively short time interval, after ascent and before final crystallization of magma.’
    • ‘Nine samples of plutonic rocks were selected for dating.’
    • ‘The presence of plutonic rocks here suggests that these regions too have been highly extended.’
  • 2

    (also Plutonic)
    Relating to the underworld or the god Pluto.

    • ‘Many Plutonic or Scorpionic types achieve, or are born into, positions of great status that require enormous powers of endurance, acting as key figures in the development and growth of society.’
    of hell, hellish, lower, nether, subterranean, underworld