Meaning of pluvial in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpluːvɪəl/

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  • Relating to or characterized by rainfall.

    ‘the alternation of pluvial and arid periods in the Quaternary’
    • ‘Left by a passing glacier, the boulders acted as umbrellas to the softer rock beneath, protecting it from pluvial erosion.’
    • ‘Evidence of pluvial lakes have been used in the reconstruction of palaeoclimates, using shoreline evidence and analysis of lake sediments to link lake levels to climate.’
    • ‘That is, if the pluvial conditions are such that a rainbow is produced, then that rainbow will look very different from the norm.’
    • ‘I must have a pluvial character because this sort of weather is my favourite.’
    • ‘Early theories generated late in the nineteenth century correlated cold periods with times of pluvial conditions in arid regions.’


  • A period marked by increased rainfall.


Mid 17th century from Latin pluvialis, from pluvia ‘rain’.