Main meanings of Pm in English

: Pm1PM2


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  • The chemical element promethium.

Main meanings of PM in English

: Pm1PM2


Pronunciation /piːˈɛm/

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nounplural noun PMs

  • 1mainly British The prime minister.

    • ‘a private meeting with the PM’
    head of government, prime minister, PM, president, chief minister, chancellor
  • 2A post-mortem.

    • ‘it was important to be present at the PM if the pathologist would allow it.’
    autopsy, post-mortem examination, PM, dissection, necropsy
  • 3A private message sent on social media, an online forum, etc.

    • ‘drop me a PM if you want more details’

verbverb PMs, verb PMing, verb PM'd, verb PMed

[with object] informal
  • Send (someone) a private message on social media, an online forum, etc.

    • ‘I'll PM you when I'm back online’
    • ‘you said you'd PM'd me his number but I haven't received it’