Significado de pneumatic tyre en en Inglés

pneumatic tyre


  • A tyre inflated with air.

    ‘It is an aluminium skateboard with four pneumatic tyres and a hand-held throttle.’
    • ‘The Rover safety model, built at Coventry from 1885, had a rear-wheel chain drive and from 1888 pneumatic tyres could be fitted.’
    • ‘It has no efficient braking system, no pneumatic tyres, no clutch, lights or mirrors and has inadequate steering.’
    • ‘It eventually had pneumatic tyres fitted and electric lights.’
    • ‘John Dunlop, a Scottish veterinary surgeon, is credited with introducing the pneumatic tyre, manufacturing them first for bicycles in 1889.’
    • ‘They point out that carts in other States have shifted to pneumatic tyres and axles with leaf-springs to lessen the load on the animals and enable faster transport.’
    • ‘Besides, animal-drawn vehicles that are fitted with pneumatic tyres would cause less road damage and accidents.’
    • ‘It was the first four wheeled petrol car to run on pneumatic tyres.’