Meaning of po-po in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpəʊpəʊ/


informal US the po-po or the po-pos
  • The police.

    • ‘he had no idea the po-po had been following him’
    • ‘Other Special Luxury features: - Secret gun compartments, guaranteed to fool the "po-po".’
    • ‘I have the same problem with middle class gangsta rappers and the "po-po's."’
    • ‘Who hasn't been harassed by the "po-po" in a fish joint?’
    • ‘I was literally a minute out of the door when the po-po rushed me.’
    • ‘This did not endear him to the po-po.’
    • ‘We hit some dry desert-looking place in Idaho and got busted by the po-po for using video cameras near a nuclear reactor.’
    • ‘He immediately pointed out that calling the police "the po-po" or "five-oh" was the stuff of South Central and The Wire.’
    • ‘He was arrested for underage drinking when, get this, his SUV was stopped by the po-po because it matched the description of a car being used by gang members.’
    • ‘He is "disgusted" that the po-po didn't let him freshen up before taking his now infamous mug shot.’
    • ‘Whether Al Capone-ing his way through videos with a Tommy Gun, staring down the po-po, or pointing out the booty shake, he propagated a mentality that has survived, even thrived, today.’
    • ‘While keeping one eye out for the po-pos, I managed to look interested while he gave me an impromptu rap performance.’
    • ‘The po-pos chased me.’
    • ‘"Let me out of here, po-pos!"’
    • ‘The po-po ain't here by now, they ain't coming.’
    • ‘Shopping for bling, getting hassled by the po-po, savouring a new flavour of crisps—just another day in the life of the London geezer whose ubran-realist rapping has made him one of pop music's most original voices.’
    • ‘And anyhow, Ms. Albert said, the police were on their tail. Or more precisely, the ‘po-po’, as she called them.’


1990s reduplicated abbreviation of police.