Meaning of pogonophobia in English:


Pronunciation /pɒɡənəˈfəʊbɪə/


mass nounmainly humorous
  • Extreme dislike of beards.

    ‘my pogonophobia possibly stems from my inability to grow one’
    • ‘He's struck a blow against pogonophobia, and claimed beards back for the squares.’
    • ‘Paxman said yesterday that he was undecided whether to persist with his new appearance but, in typically acerbic fashion, accused his employers of pogonophobia - a fear of beards.’
    • ‘Pogonophobia is breaking out in grounds across the land.’
    • ‘He develops a crazed pogonophobia.’
    • ‘Prejudice against beards (pogonophobia) is a relic of an age when beards seemed shifty.’
    • ‘While I wouldn't go so far as to say I suffer from pogonophobia, I am not really down with the things.’
    • ‘Being rather a hairy chap, I'm glad that neither myself nor my loved ones suffer from pogonophobia.’


Mid 19th century from Greek pōgōn ‘beard’ + -phobia.