Meaning of point bar in English:

point bar


  • An alluvial deposit that forms by accretion inside an expanding loop of a river.

    ‘Sediment deposited on the inside of the bend forms a point bar.’
    • ‘Collinson also suggested that the units of low-angle cross-stratified conglomerate record either bar shifting within a braided system or the migration of a point bar in a gravel-bed meandering stream.’
    • ‘The high I.V. of boxelder in a point bar dominated by cottonwood is an example of such a combination.’
    • ‘Variability in current directions and direct observation of arcuate epsilon cross stratification in mixed mud-sand sequences implies high-sinuosity channels with point bars.’
    • ‘These mud-shrimp are restricted to the lower intertidal of estuarine mouth areas, on muddy point bars that are in continuous contact with normal marine seawater.’