Meaning of point man in English:

point man



  • 1The soldier at the head of a patrol; the leader of an armed force.

    ‘Neither field marshal nor platoon leader should be point man.’
    • ‘Perez, the point man for the lead squad, and therefore the most exposed member of the platoon, came under the majority of these fires.’
    • ‘Often the casualty is the point man, closest to the enemy.’
    • ‘After a while, the point man found signs that enemy soldiers were in the area.’
    • ‘I could take a contract that does not require me to be at the sharp end as point man in an infantry section.’
    • ‘C Rich Braham is the point man in the struggles of the interior offensive line.’
    1. 1.1North American (especially in a political context) a person at the forefront of an activity or endeavour.
      ‘Olson was the defence department's point man when the government recently changed pension legislation’
      • ‘Just a short while ago I spoke with the point man for the president's economic agenda, the U.S. treasury secretary, John Snow.’
      • ‘He's the point man on the president's team on the economy.’
      • ‘He has really been the point man for the Bush administration.’
      • ‘This is, of course, exactly his role in the politician's overall team - to act as a point man for the heat.’
      • ‘In addition to being the department's point man for judicial selection, he will have major responsibility for developing its priorities.’
      • ‘Lindsey has also been the administration's point man in dealing with America's leading CEOs and has been acutely conscious of the gravity of the country's high tech meltdown.’
      • ‘He often was the administration's point man when students occupied Old Main offices to protest policies related to the Vietnam War.’
      • ‘Lord Falconer, the government's ID card point man, keeps talking about how the majority of responses have been positive (they've had over 1500 so far).’
      • ‘As the Christian right's point man on Capitol Hill, Perkins now has patrons including the majority leaders of both chambers of Congress.’
      • ‘First they wanted the address and home telephone number of a man suspected of being the GIA's point man in Britain, almost certainly so they could bug him.’
      • ‘Now it appears the party chairman is the only well placed point man willing to speak.’
      • ‘As point man for the project, Bostock is probing everything from check-ins to departures for signs of waste - both ‘waste of thought, waste of effort,’ he said.’
      • ‘The point man for the extreme right in Congress went on to say he was God's instrument for promoting a ‘biblical world view’ in American politics.’
      • ‘So for lack of a better word, I became the point man, so people could come to me and we could get them organised.’
      • ‘As the point man for modernism, Manet suffers the most.’
      • ‘Now he's the point man for an audacious expansion plan.’
      • ‘Among other things, this means he's the point man for congressional investigations of governmental misdeeds.’
      • ‘You're trying to give advice and listen to his concerns, then turn around and be the person who's the point man on the negotiations.’
      • ‘He'll be the point man for the magazine, representing us at trade shows.’
      • ‘At home, Mbeki is usually hailed as a point man for peace in Africa.’