Meaning of point the finger in English:

point the finger


  • Openly accuse someone or apportion blame.

    ‘I hope that the committee will point the finger at the real culprits’
    • ‘He said he wasn't pointing the finger of blame at Council officials or anyone else, just saying there was a problem there and it was the Council's responsibility to address it.’
    • ‘And the would-be organiser is pointing the finger of blame firmly at ‘anti-royalist’ members of Rochdale Council.’
    • ‘According to the psychologists involved parents are taught to explain to their children how their behaviour affects other people rather than pointing the finger of blame at them.’
    • ‘However, in contrast, my argument is that we need to be cautious about where we lay blame rather than pointing the finger at easy scapegoats.’
    • ‘I don't want politicians blaming each other and pointing the finger at each other on the international stage.’
    • ‘In an interview with a Sunday newspaper, he denied any blame and pointed the finger at senior commanders.’
    • ‘Over-fishing and seals have been blamed, while others point the finger at traditional waters getting warmer and pushing fish away.’
    • ‘It's very easy to point the finger and accuse a famous person of being in the wrong.’
    • ‘It accused Defra of deliberately ignoring deer and pointing the finger at badgers instead, even though a TB-infected badger had never been found in Cumbria.’
    • ‘Expect to see them pointing the finger at SDLP MPs and accusing them of undermining the national project.’
    accuse, blame, denounce, inform against, blacken the name of