Significado de poisonously en en Inglés



See poisonous

‘If you'd suggested - two years, a year, even two months ago - that cuneiform diaries would become a poisonously partisan issue, you'd have been laughed out of whatever chatroom you'd wandered into.’
  • ‘You will, however, have to do some digging: once to plant the seed potatoes; once to earth them up to prevent the new tubers growing on the surface and becoming poisonously green; and once to lift the resultant crop.’
  • ‘When someone says something stupid - I mean, poisonously, ludicrously stupid - the advertisers on that site have to take a stand.’
  • ‘Not merely anti-European, they are also poisonously anti-immigrant, holding them responsible for the lack of available care homes for the elderly and so on.’
  • ‘Which particular right-on leftist or paleo-rightist was making this poisonously warped and cerebrally-challenged claim this time?’