Meaning of poker face in English:

poker face


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  • 1An impassive expression that hides one's true feelings.

    ‘In Europe and North America, these display rules encourage vivid facial expressions of emotion; a poker face is generally regarded as dull or deceptive.’
    • ‘Scott hid his grin behind a poker face - something he'd learned from Johnny.’
    • ‘When we express our goodwill, we usually use a smile or a welcoming expression, not just a political poker face.’
    • ‘He looked like he was brooding, but was hiding it behind the perfect poker face.’
    • ‘Without comment, he took the two cards he needed, hiding his contempt behind his poker face.’
    • ‘When he told me, I kept my poker face, but my insides went away.’
    • ‘He kept a poker face, reported the facts, and protected his sources.’
    • ‘My question is, when you know the contestant is giving you the wrong answer and a lot of money is at stake, how do you keep your poker face?’
    • ‘‘Now you're sure you know the rules’ I asked them over the top of my glasses with my sternest poker face.’
    • ‘Maguire walks this line with great skill and an unbelievable poker face.’
    • ‘He called his boss at the forwarding company ‘stoneman,’ because his boss has a poker face.’
    • ‘Does he regularly practice his poker face in front of the mirror?’
    • ‘Students usually keep a poker face because they don't want to be called on.’
    • ‘It's a poker face that's required in this game, and I've never been much good at cards.’
    • ‘The joy of it is in the sweat and butterflies, the clamped lips and steely eyes of the poker face.’
    • ‘‘Done,’ he said simply, sporting his best poker face.’
    • ‘‘Well,’ putting on her best poker face, Jennifer continued.’
    • ‘Years of practice in maintaining a poker face allowed him to take in his stride the invasion of his office by young women in light, summer dresses and a tale about one of them digging up a fortune while creating a winter herb garden.’
    • ‘The thing is, I still have to put my poker face up.’
    • ‘My hands shook from fear but I kept my poker face.’
    1. 1.1A person with a poker face.