Meaning of polar body in English:

polar body


  • Each of the small cells which bud off from an oocyte at the two meiotic divisions and do not develop into ova.

    ‘In most multicellular organisms, each of the two meiotic divisions in females results in an oocyte and a polar body, each of which has a distinct morphology and developmental fate.’
    • ‘At this time, the primary oocyte's first meiotic division occurs, resulting in the formation of the first polar body and the secondary oocyte.’
    • ‘The implication of this suggestion is a chromosome segregation effect in which meiotic nondisjunction would more likely result in the retention of an additional chromosome in the oocyte than in the polar body.’
    • ‘In addition, the polar bodies contained condensed chromosomes with a normal rosette arrangement.’
    • ‘The three other products of female meiosis, the polar bodies, arrest in a metaphase state and associate with radiating arrays of microtubules.’