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police station

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  • The office or headquarters of a local police force.

    ‘One of the things the commissioner promised when he got into office was that he would not close local police stations.’
    • ‘Local police stations are being closed and people complain that beat bobbies have all but disappeared from our streets.’
    • ‘There were sporadic attacks on police stations, where policemen were disarmed.’
    • ‘Advocates can also accompany survivors at the local hospitals or police stations.’
    • ‘Some of our streets are in a dangerous state of repair, our local police stations are fast disappearing, crime is at a very high level.’
    • ‘The call centres are linked to local hospitals, police stations, and municipalities.’
    • ‘The problems have affected callers trying to contact police stations and the force headquarters in Edinburgh.’
    • ‘Crime prevention literature is available from local police stations.’
    • ‘These officers, who visit schools either every day or two or three days a week, are mostly based in local police stations.’
    • ‘But the move is unlikely to see the full restoration of local police stations.’
    • ‘However, the police are active only in urban communities and the few villages with police stations.’
    • ‘From police stations to schools to ministries and other government agencies, the story is the same.’
    • ‘Thousands of people have sought refuge in army bases and police stations.’
    • ‘A crossbow, rifles, swords and bayonets were some of the items collected at police stations across the region.’
    • ‘The men, all white Europeans, had not been charged last night, and were being held in police stations in Sheffield.’
    • ‘Weather-related injuries were being reported by scores of hospitals and police stations well into the night.’
    • ‘Even with police stations in central areas it was not uncommon for an officer to be isolated.’
    • ‘In common with some of his co-stars, Darren got a feel for his role by paying a visit to one of Newcastle's police stations.’
    • ‘In Bolton, 10 firearms and 30 rounds of ammunition have been taken to police stations.’
    • ‘At this point, presumably, pictures of your face are starting to appear on the walls of police stations all over Sweden.’
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police station

/pʊˈliːs ˌsteɪʃn/ /ˈpliːs ˌsteɪʃn/