Meaning of political action committee in English:

political action committee


  • (in the US) an organization that raises money privately to influence elections or legislation, particularly at the federal level.

    ‘her political action committee has raised almost $900,000 this election cycle’
    • ‘Therefore, I propose that we organize a political action committee on a national level, to address the concerns of our communities.’
    • ‘It doesn't ban such ads, but it does say the issue groups would have to raise separate money through a political action committee - ‘hard money’ it's called - to pay for those ads.’
    • ‘Revisions of the law did allow political action committees to use corporate money for ‘administrative’ purposes.’
    • ‘The prevailing view is that with the banning of soft money, political action committees will once again serve as the conduit of choice for the wealthy.’
    • ‘The idea was to reduce the influence of big-money corporate political action committees and high-net-worth donors.’
    • ‘These campaign finance laws forced special interests to organize into political action committees and greatly institutionalized the practice of buying influence with campaign contributions.’
    • ‘In addition to parties, there are also political action committees, lobbying groups, campaign organizations, trade unions, and industry and professional organizations.’
    • ‘The challengers will run ads with money provided by special-interest political action committees portraying the incumbents as anti-family spendthrift liberals.’
    • ‘Currently Pennsylvania law prohibits corporations from contributing money to candidates, but individuals and political action committees can give unlimited cash.’
    • ‘The so-called hard money donations come from individuals and political action committees and are limited in size.’
    • ‘Some provisions restrict people's contributions of money to candidates, parties, or political action committees.’
    • ‘Most of that money does not come from voluntary contributions to political action committees, which I have no problem with.’
    • ‘To make their new buddy feel welcome at the dinner, the lobbyists pitched in $100,000 for his political action committee.’
    • ‘In the private sector, he headed a multicandidate political action committee, practiced law with two firms, and headed the law department of a trade association.’
    • ‘Incumbents also find it easier than challengers to raise money - largely from wealthy political action committees and their parties who seek to invest in success and relative certainty.’
    • ‘Instead, they establish political action committees, or PACs, through which money is funneled on the suspect theory that there is a difference between a corporation or organization and the PAC.’
    • ‘America Votes will have help from a new political action committee, America Coming Together, which expects to raise $75 million by Election Day in pledges from wealthy donors.’
    • ‘They banded together to launch the first national Black women's political action committee.’
    • ‘She wrote checks to herself from the political action committee's bank account.’
    • ‘Love Makes a Family's political action committee endorsed 26 legislative candidates.’