Meaning of political prisoner in English:

political prisoner


  • A person imprisoned for their political beliefs or actions.

    ‘Amnesty International estimates that 1,500 political prisoners remain in Burmese jails.’
    • ‘Eleven political prisoners at Kalutara prison wrote to the SEP seeking its intervention on their behalf.’
    • ‘A Croation prison camp may be reopened as a fantasy prison camp for wannabe political prisoners.’
    • ‘But a hunger strike by political prisoners destroyed this policy.’
    • ‘It had jailed thousands of political prisoners, some for over 15 years.’
    • ‘Elections are sham, the press is censored, the jails hold some political prisoners.’
    • ‘The brutal assault on unarmed detainees was aimed at breaking up the protests of political prisoners over the previous two months.’
    • ‘Many people think of human rights exclusively in terms of torture, political prisoners, or massacres of civilians.’
    • ‘Human Rights Watch reports thousands of political prisoners and systematic torture and execution.’
    • ‘Soldiers and workers invaded the prisons and released political prisoners as the various factories elected delegates to the Soviet.’
    • ‘The detention of political prisoners and prisoners of war in Aceh is also an ongoing problem.’
    • ‘The democratic rights of Tamil political prisoners have been blatantly violated.’
    • ‘He was the minister responsible for the massacre of left-wing political prisoners in December.’
    • ‘The government has just passed an amnesty, which specifically excludes political prisoners.’
    • ‘Just before end of the war, a massacre of political prisoners was organized.’
    • ‘He said in the 1960s the main focus of campaign was for the release of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.’
    • ‘The photo is part of a human rights exhibition on Green Island, where political prisoners were jailed in the past.’
    • ‘The two released detainees appealed to the SEP to continue its campaign on behalf of other Tamil political prisoners.’
    • ‘Not until 1960 was the island used to house political prisoners of the apartheid government.’